Why Should I 


The R & R Experience is a specially curated day retreat for the Super Wonder Woman from across the country just like YOU. The woman who is the she-ro for everyone except herself. She is a busy wife, mother, sister, executive, CEO, entrepreneur, friend, daughter, partner and confidante. She fills the cup of others and is left depleted. The R & R Experience gives you permission to take care of YOU and overcome the overwhelm and create balance where there is burnout!

The R & R Experience is not just a day retreat, but an experience! It is a safe and soothing space to let your guard down and release the stress, doubt, fear, worry, and burnout that has been holding you back from the YOU, you envision yourself to be. If you have said, " I can relax once I can release _________." Then this Experience is for you! Dr. Michelle, the founder, has curated this special enriching and empowering experience with you in mind because she gets it and she gets you because she is you! The day will be filled with fun and freeing strategies that she uses on a daily basis to transform her burnout to balance. Not only will you walk away feeling refreshed, relaxed and recharged, but you will be empowered with tools for tranquility that you can implement once you return home. To maintain the integrity of an intimate experience, seating is limited to 35.