Create a soothing, sultry, and sexy experience with herbal teas in the

Release Romance Kit


When you purchase the Release & Romance Kit you will experience:

  •  A deeper sense of intimacy with yourself and/or your partner
  • A new romantic adventure
  • Increased libido
  • More relaxed mood to be ready for romance
  • Unique herbal blends that release stress and reignite romance

If you've been searching for ways to super-charge your sexy, the Release Romance Kit is for YOU!

What the Release Romance Kit has to offer

Release Romance ChocolaTEA

Release Romance tea makes you feel like you are on a chocolate high! Cocao nibs, maca root, and dark chocolate powder are all libido enhancers to help release the romance in you!

Release Your RoyalTEA

Allow the flavor and rich hue of this blend make you feel like ROYALTY! Butterfly Pea Flower creates a rich color while Ashwagandha is a great energizer. Not only does ashwagandha lift your mood, but it can get you in the mood! Ashwagandha is considered an aphrodisiac used to improve sexual desire, pleasure, or performance.

Aromatherapy/Massage Candle

A coconut oil-based candle balanced with lavender and rosemary essential oils that help lift your mood. The natural ingredients serve as both a massage oil when warmed while easing away stress and tension with the sensuous scent.

Satin Mask

If fun and variety have been missing in the bedroom, spice it up with a little adventure with this satin blindfold. Explore yourself and/or your partner in a new way.

Tea Diffuser

Simple and suitable to use for different sizes of loose leaf tea. Makes creating your me-time tea time moment on the go easy.

Ready to have your own experience of fire, desire, and fun in a box?


Our customers love us

"OMG! The teas are spectacular and so tasty, not watered down like other teas. And the candle, well let’s say that was the best massage I’ve had in quite a while. Overall, best Box to receive or give to enhance your romance experience "

- Darla P

“Huge THANK YOU to @drmichelleclay for my #freealitea relaxation box. This herbal bulk tea and this candle are about to be put to good use with a nice relaxing bath”

- Ramon J.

"I am Super excited about this Physician Made and physician-approved (‍that would be me) all-natural and clean loose leaf tea. Starting the day off right!!"

- Samm P. , ND

Don't Miss this opportunity to have your own box of love, libido, and laughter beyond Valentine's Day. It's the perfect gift to yourself or someone you love, or want to love on to release pent-up energy and stress.

A Word from the Founder/Creator


I'm Dr. Michelle Clay

(the maker behind FREEaliTEA)

For me, tea is more than a tantalizing taste experience in a beverage, it has been a way for me to relax and release stress and holistically harmonize my health. These blends were crafted to help maintain a balanced mood and then I discovered how it lifted my libido through the roof! These and all FREEaliTEA blends are created with the intention to release what no longer serves you to transform a stressful, imbalanced, and unhealthy lifestyle into a healthful one of happiness and harmony. Creating from the heart and continuing the Native herbal tradition of my great-grandfather is my calling. It allows me to bridge the knowledge of conventional medicine as a trained physician, with the wisdom of natural medicine and plant technology. I love what I do and simply want to share my passion for the possibility of a stress FREELIFE and vibrant life with the world one cup at a time.

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