“I need a moment to myself to calm this chaos.”  

Tensions are running higher than usual so the stress level is through the roof! Everywhere you turn there is talk of doom, gloom, and panic. In times like these, you need a place that is just for you. A place where you can have a me-time moment in the midst of this mayhem to calm and conquer the chaos within.

It doesn't take much.  

Sometimes all it takes is a group of people who understand.

A group of people who give you permission to say "YES"  

YES to your peace.    

YES to your wellness and well-being.

 YES to your “me time”!    


A Mastermind for Super Wonder Women to create a me-time moment in the midst of mayhem without the guilt!  

When you join the Me Time Tea Time Mastermind, you’re making a 3-month long commitment to say "YES" to yourself and take your needs off of the back burner.

There are 3 different Me Time Tea Time Mastermind activities:  

Me Time Masterclass - Every month, we'll have a LIVE masterclass that will mostly be instructional in nature. You'll learn things about different herbs, teas, and stress-releasing strategies to make it easy to relax and create your me-time moment. Sometimes me-time is just 1 cup of tea away. You’ll receive instructions on how to implement it as part of your me-time lifestyle.

Me Time Tea Time Support and Live Q & A with Dr. Michelle – Bi-weekly LIVE support and accountability sessions. Stay connected to a lifeline of support on how to release stress and tension and create me-time without guilt. In these sessions are designed to allow you to vent and intent - vent your frustrations, feelings, and areas where you feel discouraged, then set the intention for moving forward and calming the chaos within.

Me Time Moment MeditationA 5-minute meditation floats into your inbox at 6 AM CST Monday through Friday to help you command your day before the day's demands. This is the time to begin the day with calm, clarity and focus.

Plus, you’ll get Special Bonuses.  

In addition to the monthly masterclasses, support sessions, and daily meditations, I’m giving you even more resources to assist you in creating your me-time tea time moment, including:  

  • FREELIFE Kitchen Essentials Checklist
  • (1) 15-minute One-on-One Session
  • 19% off ALL products in the Stress FREELIFE Store
  • 20% off FREELIFE Experience LIVE Event


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But before we get to the best part of all of THIS, let me first tell you who I am …  

I’m Dr. Michelle, founder and visionary of FREELIFE7 LLC, a company that enhances lives where I take Super Wonder Women by the hand and show them how to live healthy, happy and stress free lives and feel calmer, have clarity of vision/purpose and move with confidence. 

After I managed and released my stress, worry and anxiety and quit putting myself last, I stepped into a better version of myself that was happy, fulfilled and living full out without limitations or hesitations. Today, I'm the author of two best-selling books, travel sharing my gifts and purpose, handle difficult situations instead of them handling me and live a healthy life of calm and ease and empower others to do the same.  

And I also own real estate, sit on the board of a non-profit, m a national speaker, media personality and engaged in a host of other activities that bring me peace, calm, confidence, and clarity. And I do it all on my own time. You see, my life changed the moment I said YES to me.

And now for the best part of all …  

You get ME, expert stress release strategist, life lover, mindset motivator and empowering encourager! I am here to get you unstuck and answer every burning question you have about being a stress FREE Super Wonder Woman so you can conquer your chaos and transform burn-out to balance and start living your FREELIFE on purpose and with passion!

But don’t take my word for it. Here’s what a few thrilled clients have said about working with me:

“I came in feeling overwhelmed, anxious and needing guidance. I left feeling like a weight had been lifted. I feel I am fully equipped spiritually, mentally and nutritionally to chase after my potential and fulfill my life goals.” Z. Weber 

“Thank you for the inspiration. I know I usually put myself last but it is my goal to learn to delegate and have more me-time." P. Black  

“From breathing to listening with my mind and soul instead of through emotion, I have more energy and I make sure I get more sleep which makes me feel happier. My emotions I seem to be more in control instead of my emotions controlling me. The breathing technique really helps.” A. Williams

The Investment for your Me-Time Moment $47/month  

Retail Value: $1013 Your Cost: $47/month

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